Mobilise's mission is to help those experiencing homelessness by facilitating connection for change across the nation.  

They are a community of like-minded people across Australia who aim to make a difference and raise awareness for those who need help. Who strive to provide recognition and functional care to the homeless, to educate and raise awareness to the broader society and to be a platform that creates change through connection. Elevating the voices of people experiencing homelessness by offering trust, companionship and conversation to those on the streets. 

Through Nedd’s Record Run, Nedd raised over $2.5 million for Mobilise. And as a result Mobilise have been able to start the ‘Nedd’s Kickstart Scholarship’ - a direct giving program to those experiencing homelessness.   

PosiSchools is an initiative designed to improve the mental health of children through educating participating students on the power of a positive mindset. 

PosiSchools believe that children need to be taught the power and importance of a positive mindset more than anyone. Their opportunity to establish positive thinking habits is critical for not just a child’s present, but also their future.   

PosiSchools is a 21 day program consisting of engaging content and classroom activities, featuring learnings and inspiring stories from some of Australia’s most renowned athletes. 

Nedd is an Athlete mentor a part of the Posischools family improving the mental heath of kids across Australia.