Nedd loves to share the story of his run, but when he speaks it is much more than just a run re-cap. Nedd wants people leaving his speaking appearances ready to take on their own challenges, to push themselves, to appreciate the opportunity we all have to help others, to get comfortable being uncomfortable. His unique energy and unpolished style is refreshing in a world of ‘buttoned up’ corporate speakers and the response to his talks has been incredible. See below for some of the feedback.  

"Nedd's personal story of exceptional resilience, passion and mindset was perfectly inline with the theme of our event. The learnings shared by Nedd have been a catalyst for continued business training for our sale's Associates as the themes are easily applied to both personal and business growth."

"Nedd was a major drawcard for our event and attendee feedback after described his segment as inspirational and relatable, with many sharing that Nedd encouraged them to "stop wishing and start doing."

"I went to an event a couple of weeks ago and saw Nedd Brockmann and it just left me feeling so inspired. He showed me that anyone can go out there and make an impact."

“Thank you very much for being our guest speaker. You are an inspiration to so many in Australia and across the globe. It was wonderful to spend time together on stage and learn more about what motivates you as a person. Thanks for sharing as openly as you did; our customers and partners really appreciated it."

“I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you for organising Nedd for last Saturday, it was an outstanding session … As you would appreciate these players have a lot of “influential people” put in front of them to speak each year, but Nedd was next level, his humility and ability to connect a purpose to make change in the world is truly remarkable, let alone what he put his body through to get there.”

“Nedd was an absolute pleasure to work with and his presence and contribution to our Conference was right on brief. We wanted him to inspire our delegates with the art of what is possible – and he did that in the most humble and delightful way. He is both articulate and charming – and wise, beyond his years – which is what I think really made his contribution so meaningful. The bonus for us, was Nedd’s preparedness to stay around and meet and greet delegates after his time on stage. Too few famous people are prepared to do this – but he did it with grace and generosity."


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